IE Array shim

After realizing that I copy some MDN code into every single project I work on to make IE not suck so much, I decided to just put it all in one place.  Thus IE Array Shim was born.  It is just a single file (963 bytes minified/gzipped) with shims from MDN of the missing Array functions in IE. Not terribly fancy, but I know it will save me at least a couple minutes per project of search-copy-paste’ing in the future.


ie-array-shim.js v0.0.1:

jQuery simpleModal plugin

simpleModal is a new jQuery plugin which is the first of a few new plugins I intend to make that are small (hopefully no more than ~150 LoC each) and easy to use (no more than 4 or 5 configuration options).

It creates a modal box with a backdrop and uses jQuery custom events to show/hide the modal.  The modal is automatically centered and can handle dynamic content.



Get it:

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Run libfitbit as a daemon on Ubuntu using upstart

libfitbit is handy little python script that uploads data from a FitBit device to their web interface on Linux.  I’ve been using it for a while now and it works flawlessly for me but I’ve grown tired of having to remember to run the python script every so often to actually push the data out, so I created a little upstart script so it would always run in the background.

To use it yourself, you just have to do a few quick things:

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